My Weekend in an Instant // Sept. 28th - 29th

Slide1Happy Monday, all the way from Los Cabo San Lucas!!! My BF and I are here for the next couple of days (he's here for a work conference...I'm here for the pool/beach/spa), but no need to worry, Sage + Sparkle will not suffer.  I have a few things saved up for you... making this week, business as usually for the blog. Before I head back to the pool for margarita, it's time for a quick weekend recap...

  1. Early morning walks with Frankie... Shadow pics are my fav!
  2. Saturday was the last day of the juice cleanse, now followed by Mexico, lol (I may need another cleanse when I get back)
  3. Frankie practicing his ROAR... or yawn?!?  you decide...
  4. Packing for our trip, not much needed
  5. Early morning day of flying, first stop LAX
  6. 9 hours later... Welcome to Cabo!!!
  7. Welcome margaritas when we arrived
  8. Checking into the hotel
  9. and the view. My mini vaca begins NOW!

Some of the above photos were on Instagram over the weekend.  To see them in realtime… follow me @sageandsparkle

So tell me, how you make your weekend sparkle?  Any vacation plans in your near feature?  I want to hear all about them! Please share in the comment section below…