Easy Green Juice Recipe // Pineapple + Celery

easy green juice recipe_pineapple celery

Today I'm sharing with your another easy green juice recipe, that is sweet and healthy (perfect combination, right?). Pineapple is my FAVORITE fruit! Seriously, I can't get enough! Not only is it a super cute fruit, but it's pretty tasty too.  There are also health benefits to this juice as well. If you someone who works out a lot, this is the perfect juice to have directly following an intense work out to rehydrated (celery) and prevent inflammation (pineapple).

green juice recipe - pineapple celery

Funny story about pineapple... when I was in high school, and had to have my dreaded wisdom teeth pulled, my grandma told me to drink as much pineapple juice as I could, for the three days leading up to the surgery.  Now when grandma tells you to do something, you listen.  So for three full days I drank TONS of pineapple juice and let me tell you it worked! For those of you that have had your wisdom teeth pulled, you know that there is usually swelling galore, and I had none! Seriously, I did not swell up one bit, no pain, and with all four being pulled and two that had to be dug out, that was unheard of.  From then on, pineapple juice has been my go too.  I have since told countless people this story, before getting their wisdom teeth pulled, and for those that didn't think I was crazy and actually listened to me, it worked! Lesson of the story... always listen to grandma and drink pineapple juice.

Keep reading for the recipe...

pineapple celery - easy green juice recipe

What you need:

  • 1/2 of a pineapple, cut into pieces
  • 5 stalks of celery

What to do:

  • Add pineapple to the juicer first, then the celery... remember you always want to end with  the item that will juice the easiest so it pulls everything else along with it.
  • Stir, enjoy, repeat!

pinapple celery - easy green juice recipe

green juice recipe - pineapple celery

green juice recipe - pineapple celery

Now get out there and get juicing! Check out the juicer I use here