Friday Favorites // Link Love

dont compare yourself  

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This week has been a blur! I started in NYC, with two packed days at work, then I was off to SLC for ALT summit. After seven flight calculations, I finally made it (pays to be Platinum - thanks, Delta!).  From my arrival late Wednesday afternoon, to now, I have been overwhelmed with the amount of information and inspiration and I am beyond grateful to be here!

The above quote, I actually found a few weeks ago, but it couldn't be more appropriate for an event like ALT.  This is just my beginning and comparing yourself gets you know where.  We all know that, but sometimes you have to remind yourself.  I know I did and it worked.  I am exactly where I need to be!

Now one to a few things, that have caught my eye from around the web this week... I won't be sharing to many today, as to be honest... I haven't really be on the web, but nevertheless,   I hope you enjoy!

  • Remember the days, in elementary school, when you would bring Valentine's Day cards for everyone in your class?  Let's bring the tradition back and send them to our best girlfriends... Why not when ones that are this adorable exist!  -via Sugar Paper, LA
  • Sitting at your desk might be making you sick! What to do???  Stop. Get up and talk a walk, even go crazy and get some fresh air! Don't worry, I'll be right here when you get back and you will be healthier for it.  -via Refinery29
  • Never skip breakfast again, with this yummy energy inducing options.  -via Lauren Conrad 
  • Last, but not least, currently loving these black + gold booties and this dress from Anthropologie! (Not to be worn together of course)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! And if you interested in "keeping up with Fallon"... yep, that's me! Then follow along on Instagram and Twitter to see the final day of ALT Summit, through my eyes.