5 Last-Minute Christmas Jammies for Your Little Ones


We love Christmas Jammies around here. Every year, since I can remember, my mom would always get each of us a new pair of pjs, that we got to open on Christmas Eve and wear to bed that night. It's been well over a decade since I've lived at home, but my lovely mom has still continued the tradition.

Last year, with a family of my own, we had a few sets of Christmas Jammies, ones that I purchased for our family and a set my mom got us. I actually learned of another tradition last year, where you gift Christmas PJs on Thanksgiving and then you have a whole month to enjoy them! I thought that idea was genius and decided to adopt the tradition for my own family. Then this year came and some how it's December 16th and I have forgotten to get any Christmas Jammies (blame it on the pregnancy brain). My husband and I are okay, since we have plenty that we can choose from, but my son on the other hand has none in his size. So I rushed to the internet and was able to find a nice selection at Gap that all will arrive before Christmas (if you order by the 18th) and they're 45% now too, using the code ENJOY.

I rounded up my top five favorites, that are mostly available in all sizes, just in case like me, you're still looking for Christmas Jammies for your littles too! But as I said, you have till the 18th, so hurry up and place your orders. Oh, and did I mention, shipping is free for orders over $50.

Do you get new Christmas Jammies every year too... or just me???