Weekend Browse 4.2

Weekend Browse 4.2.001_Link Love_ Sage + Sparkle S T Y L E Loving Oliva's simple-chic, casual look (done two ways)! You can't go wrong with a gray t-shirt and light distressed denim. Not to mention, the pic's were taken in my beloved Brooklyn... what's not to love?

T A S T E Asparagus, egg, and bacon salad- um... yes, please! Can't wait to try this amazing looking dish.

E X P L O R E Let's all be a weekender, a-la Miss Kris Turner! So inspired to plan a little staycation of my own, after reading this post.  #shewokeuplikethat

C R E A T E Easter is next Sunday, can you believe it?!  Loving this grown up easter egg DIY project, via a Pumpkin & a Princess. Perfect project to complete this weekend.

D E T O X I recently was cleared to get back in to Pilates and Hot Yoga, after my foot injury and of course the first thing I thought was, now I have an excuse to revamp my yoga attire.  Loving all the new pieces from VS Sport.