Noguchi Sculpture Museum // Long Island City, NY

photo In my opinion, serendipitous discovers are a requirement for a perfect Sunday afternoon. Last Sunday, while headed to the fruit stand for our weekly shopping, as my love and I drove past the Noguchi museum, we felt compelled to stop.  The funny thing is originally we thought this place was a new sushi restaurant, based off of the name, but through a little research we found out that a) it was NOT a sushi place, and b) it was not new! Don't worry... we came to this conclusion before entering and expecting to be seated.

The Noguchi museum originally opened in 1985, in Long Island City, Queens, featuring work from Japanese-American artist Isamu Noguchi.  The sculptures were displayed in three different formats, outdoor japanese garden style, partially outdoors, and traditional indoor museum style.  Noguchi's work is exquisite! Personally I loved the metallic ones best... (I could tots see a version in our apartment), plus anything in the shape of a heart or featuring a heart design always appeals to me.

Included are a few of my favs!   If you live in NYC or plan to visit, I highly encourage you to check this place out, even if its just to hang out in the garden.  However, if you are at all artistic, you will absolutely appreciate the different types of sculptures, as you imagine all of the work that went in to each specific detail.








For more details on the museum, check out there website here.