My (extended) Weekend in an Instant // August 4th - 6th


Slide1 My extended weekend has unfortunately come to an end (insert sad music here). Although so worth it, this Tuesday is feeling extra rough as I start to think of all the things I need to accomplish today at the office before I hop back on a plane and head out west tomorrow.   My weekend started off after a brief stint in Dallas, with my arrival back at LGA (La Guardia Airport) followed by a going away dinner for some friends moving to Portland.  Saturday morning I unpacked and repacked, then we cleaned up a bit around the apartment and said to ourselves "let the adventures began..."

My (Our) Weekend in an Instant // August 4th- 6th:

  1. First stop Jersey, for a surprise baby shower... complete with Sugar Daddy's, which I love but I teeth are still hurting from eating
  2. Then the road trip to Harrisburg, PA began.  To kick it off I played my very first scratch off... and won $10 (not much, but hey I doubled my money... still have never bought a lotto ticket myself... need to do that soon, who knows I could have beginners luck)
  3. We arrived in Harrisburg a little after 10pm, met up with our friends, got a quick bit to eat, then they went I out and I went to bed.  Early the next morning we were up and out to explore on our way to breakfast.  First discovery, a pink hydrant!
  4. I (heart) strips and it's fun to notice the everyday places they occur.  This pic is so Kate Spade to me.
  5. Harrisburg, PA just so happens to be the State Capital, a little known fact I know I knew 20 years ago, but had since forgot.
  6. We had an amazing breakfast at Home 231 (not pictured)... more on that later
  7. The our group of six was off to Hershey Park.. My love and I are huge fans of roller coasters, thrill seekers if you will
  8. Of course the girls had to take a pic with Miss. Kisses
  9. When in rome... Even though I'm not a chocolate fan, I sure do lover peanut butter
  10. After a long day at Hershey filled with three big rides, we headed back to the hotel, freshened up, and headed out again for the Justin Timberlake & Jay Z Summer Legends concert
  11. Bring sexy back, in honor of JT
  12. BEST concert I have been to so far! (although I haven't seen Beyonce yet...)
  13. Monday morning we were back on the road again, headed back to NYC.  Fun was had by all, followed by a nice relaxing Monday enjoying the PERFECT weather!

Some of the above photos were on Instagram over the weekend.  To see them in realtime… follow me @sageandsparkle

I hope you had a wonderful weekend as well!  I would love to hear all about how you made your weekend sparkle, in the comment section below…