It's Strawberry Season... Let's Make (mini) Cupcakes!

DSC_0052 Who doesn't love Pinterest?!?  I for one can tell you I am a huge fan (follow me here)! My love affair with pinning started way back when... I was actually one of the few that was a part of the beta test phase and even then with a handful of users, I was hooked.  This past weekend I came across this all-natural Strawberry Cake recipe, via Confections of a Foodie Bride and seeing as how strawberry cake is my favorite (Joe's favorite too), I had to try it! So happy I did!

So much better than the box, super moist, pink, and all with no food coloring, no preservatives, and lots of fresh ripe strawberries!

To top it all off I made a cream cheese frosting, half plain and half strawberry.  Recipe here...

Now you can't have cupcakes without sprinkles... however since I was going the all-natural route, food coloring or artificial dyes were not allowed. Low and behold I found India Tree Decorating Sugar... the pink sprinkles use red cabbage and the yellow sprinkles use curcumin (an indian spice) for coloring.





Few things to note:

  • Use fresh strawberries!!!
  • For strawberry frosting just add 1/4 cup puree to 1 cup cream cheese frosting (less for a thinking frosting)
  • If you want to make mini cupcakes like I did, I suggest cutting the recipe in half which would make approx. 35 
  • For mini cupcakes, bake at 350 degrees for 12 mins 

For the full recipe click here