Yoga in the Park // LIC




This part Sunday The Yoga Room hosted outdoor yoga in Gantry Park here in LIC (Long Island City). Luckily Sunday was the day before the heat wave that we are experiencing now struck the North East.  With the class being at 10am and positioned right on the water, you can imagine how amazing it was.  The only other yoga experience that I have had that tops this, is when we did yoga on a cliff, over looking the Pacific Ocean, in Nicaragua, but this was a close second.

I have done yoga in the past off and on, but I really fell in love with Yoga, January of this year, when I tried Bikram for the first time!  Maybe it was the heat, maybe it was the fact the teachers scream at you, maybe it was timing... I'm not quite sure what it was that got me, but I can tell you from day one, I was hooked.  Since we moved, I no longer go to a Bikram studio, but I do take Hot Yoga (Bikram Style) at The Yoga Room in LIC and I think I found a new yoga home.  The great thing about my new studio is that they offer tons of different types of yoga classes, as well as pilates (both mat and reformer style), and bar classes.

And just in case you were a little confused, we do normally practice in a studio, but durning the summer, once a month, they offer FREE yoga in the park, overlooking Manhattan.  It doesn't get much better than that...






Durning the summer, it's nice to break your usual routine and get outside and soak in some Vitamin D.

What physical activities are your enjoying outside this summer?