Weekend Browse 5.2

Weekend Browse 5.2.001 S T Y L E  After seeing Wendy's neon lemon look mixed with a reddish-orange color, I can't wait to try this combination! Such a fresh way to wear neon.

T A S T E I have been waiting to try a cauliflower crust pizza forever now, and after coming across my 10th or so recipe for it, I know that I MUST give it a try.  Hoping to talk my love into trying it for dinner this weekend. And as luck would have it, I actually have bright green cauliflower in my fridge at the moment.  It's a sign!

E X P L O R E Has there ever been a places, that you keep hearing about, in the most random of situations?  New Zealand has been that place for me.  In the past week alone, New Zealand has come up in conversation 3 times.  So to the travel gods I say, you have my attention.  Looking into a trip, perhaps a road trip through New Zealand, has just been added to my agenda.

C R E A T E  Mother's Day is tomorrow, yes, T O M O R R O W!   Crazy how fast holidays can sneak up on you, right?! Luckily, I will be seeing my more in a couple of weeks, which buys  me some time to get her gift together (Sorry, Mom! It's the thought that counts, right?)  But for those of you that will be seeing your Mom tomorrow, there is still time to make your mom the most awesomest Mother's Day DIY gift she has ever received. I mean after all, DIY is always from the heart and a gift from the heart is always the best gift for your Mom on Mother's Day.

D E T O X There has been tons of talk lately about sugar and how bad it is for us, which has got my attention.  While I'm not ready yet, to give it up, I do however want to see this new documentary, Fed Up.  Because being informed and then making your own decisions is something we all should not take for granted.


I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend, and don't forget to make it (and your Mom) sparkle! Special shout out to my wonderful Mother, Sandi! I love you!!! 


P.S.  The Winner to my Mother's Day contest, with UncommonGoods, was announced on this post, yesterday.  BIG congratulations to Ciara!!! I will be contacting you shortly.

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