Weekend Browse 5.1

Weekend Browse 5.1 .001 Hope you're having a wonderful weekend! Mine has been packed with a Reebok event in Chelsea, a Princess party in Jersey, and plans of brunch, flea market shopping, photos shoots, and a little lots of spring cleaning.

Here are a few links from around the web that have been adding a little sparkle to my week...

S T Y L E With a trip to the Bahamas and then Mexico on the horizon, I'm loving these global-chic bags! The beaded clutch, in the picture above, is my fav!

T A S T E Tomorrow is Cinco De Mayo, so naturally all I can think about is tacos, chips & salsa, and margaritas... not that I need a holiday as an excuse.  Came across this Honey Lime Shrimp Tequila Taco's recipe and had to share with you all... Think I found what I'm making for dinner tomorrow!

E X P L O R E Speaking of the Bahamas, I seriously can. not. wait.  Currently in shopping mode, adding a few key pieces to my suitcase for the trip.

C R E A T E Sharing another MissKrisTurner video... loving this DIY Piñata, Just in Time for Cinco De Mayo.  It's a must see!

D E T O X In the spirit of all things spicy, for Cinco De Mayo, I can't wait to try this Pineapple Mint Jalapeño Smoothie.  Similar to my Jalapeño Green Juice but with my favorite fruit as the co-star.


Check back later today for my first giveaway...