Weekend Browse 3.4

Weekend Browse 3.4.001 S T Y L E I was pretty bummed to miss Garance Doré's open studio, featuring her new stationary line, this past Friday/Saturday. I was battling with myself on going vs. catching up on sleep, and well, sleep won. But the good news is all of the goods are available online.  My favorites are this desk calendar, girls card set, and the front row notepad.

T A S T E How delicious does this look... and it's super healthy too!  Pasta without the guilt? Sign me up.  Can't wait to try this zucchini noodles with turkey meatballs recipe.

E X P L O R E  Sincerely, Jules recent trip to Dubai has me dreaming of the far east and all the enchanted adventures waiting to be discovered.

C R E A T E Growing up my mom was always cross-stitching something.  It's funny because she will tell you that she is the least creative person ever, but I beg to differ. Cross-stitching takes skills and Mom has them.  She taught me throughout the years and I would always start a project but never had the patience to finish.  However, this cross-stitch BFF phone case project seems manageable enough, might have to give it a try.  Looks like a project, I may actually be able to finish. Mom would be so proud...

D E T O X You know I love my juices and smoothies, but this recipe adds a new ingredient to the mix, that I have never thought of... cottage cheese! What a tasty way to add a little extra protein, the natural way!