Weekend Browse 3.3

Weekend Browse 3.3.001S T Y L E  Today has me finally believing that spring has arrived!  In fact I believe so much, that I'm even feeling inspired to switch out my closest this weekend. Although, the rational side of me knows I shouldn't jump the gun just yet.  For now, I will just focus on a few updates to the wardrobe... loving this list of spring essentials, via cupcakes and cashmere. T A S T E  While chocolate is not typically my thing... when you add salt, ritz crackers, and strawberries, I'm willing to give it a try.  Plus, I know my love would appreciate this recipe from Joy the Baker.  Looking forward to trying it this weekend!

E X P L O R E Came across this article earlier this week and even though it was written almost 2 years ago, it will always be relevant (at least for those living in or around NYC).  With the promise of warmer weekends to come, who wouldn't like to get away for a few days? I know I would.  Looking for a little inspiration on where to go? Look no further...  Weekend Getaways from NYC, via Daily Candy.

C R E A T E Who doesn't love gold confetti plates?  Now you have no excuse not to have a set of your own... make them yourself, by following this easy DIY.

D E T O X Healthy living is a must, which is why I love the The Honest Company by Jessica Alba.  Check out this great article, via Refinery 29, to find out how she got started and hear of few of her tips for living a healthy lifestyle.