Weekend Browse 3.1 (Illustrations)

Weekend Browse 3.1 .001  

S T Y L E Raise your hand if your excited for the Oscars tomorrow... keep your hand up, if like me, your favorite part is seeing what the stars are wearing. Hand still up? Good. I knew there was a reason we're friends.  Check out this illustrated round-up of Every Best Actress Gown Since 1929.  Who do you think will be added for 2014??? Amy, Cate, Sandra, Judi, or Meryl? My vote goes to Cate, but big question is... Who will she be wearing?

T A S T E I've had pies on the brain lately (more on that later today) and I can't wait to try this Veggie Pot Pie with Thai Green Curry recipe, via Oh Joy! Not to mention, how cute is the illustrated ingredients list, seen above?!?

E X P L O R E Two of my favorite things are travel and illustrations (seems to be a trend this week), which is why I'm super excited about the launch of this new illustrated travel guide, by Julia Rothman - Hello, New York: An Illustrated Love Letter to the Five Boroughs. Check out this list of 10 Illustrated Travel Guides, via Design Sponge.

C R E A T E While I take my tea plain (no milk or sugar), when glitter is involved I'm willing to make an exception.  Who even knew that gold edible disco dust even existed?  I sure didn't.  All I know is that this DIY Glitter Coffee is something I MUST try!

D E T O X  Have you seen the new activewear line from Anthropologie, pure + good? Image lace, ruffles, and flower print, true to Anthro's style. Anthropologie describes the new line as perfect for "work, play, and life"; I can't help but agree. Make you you check it out.


Hope your weekend is going well! Don’t forget to make it sparkle