Weekend Browse 2.4

Weekend Browse 2.4.001  


S T Y L E This week in New York, we've had two days in the high 40's to low 50"s, which has increased my desire for all things spring even more! What do you say we just start embracing the spring trends and hope the weather follows?  It's all about positive thinking... right? Check out How to Wear Spring's Springiest Trends Now, for some inspiration.

T A S T E Summer is 119 days away, which means it's time to get your fitness and nutrition routine in check, which won't be that hard if you're pretty consistent all year-long.  However, the winter is fought for everyone, which is why 15 Healthier Versions of Your Favorite Winter Comfort Food, is so appropriate.  I can't wait to try the cauliflower mashed "potatoes" with mushroom gravy!

E X P L O R E In case you missed it... be sure you indulge in a little wanderlust this weekend and check out my latest video on YouTube, featuring our journey to the top of the Tour d'eiffel in Paris.

C R E A T E I haven't done a DIY project since ALT Summit, last month, and this DIY Crystal Flare Necklace, from "a pair & a spare", has me dying to create!

D E T O X Those who know me know I love a good juice cleanse and I love saying "there's an app for that"... now with blueprint, I can indulge in both.  This past week, Blueprint debuted an app to help you cleanse and find green juice, pretty cool right! The app will essential help you have the best cleanse through giving you reminders to drink up, inspirational quotes and images, and recipes to help you stick to the healthy lifestyle after.


Have a wonderful weekend! Don't forget to make it sparkle...