Weekend Browse 2.3

Weekend Browse 2.3  

I hope your weekend is off to a great start!  It's a three-day weekend for me and my love and I had planned to spend it in Vermont, with friends, hitting the slopes, however life happened and plans had to change (more on that later).  While Vermont would have been a nice change of scenery, I have decided to welcome this unplanned staycation with open arms.  So not that our plans have changed, we're making the best of it with lots of, much-needed, relaxation, pampering, and naturally some web browsing. Starting with this 5 categories...


S T Y L E This weeks link, while inspire you to bring style into your home. I love how OhJoy! shows us how to style 1 desk, 2 ways.  I'm partial to the "Mad at Midnight" version, myself.

T A S T E Whether you received flowers or not for Valentine's day... why not make sure self a chocolate bacon bouquet this weekend? Check out this cute video, via yumsugar, to show you how.

E X P L O R E  One of my BFF's, Olivia, is getting married this summer in Playa Del Carmen, and I can't wait to join her to celebrate this special moment in her life.  This photo diary, from Sincerely, Jules just got me super excited and also a little depressed as I look out my window at yet another snow storm passing by.

C R E A T E In honor or my 3-day weekend staycation, I think I may try this DIY Rose Body Scrub, via Oh So Pretty.  Why not pamper yourself on Valentine's Day weekend, right?

D E T O X If your missing Bravo's Tone It Up, as much as I am, head over to their website and be prepared to get inspired.  I have to admit, I'm pretty obsessed with Karena + Katrina these days (total girl crush) and the minute I can start working out again, I'm totally giving their method a try. Be sure to check out their "Happy Valentine's Day!" video, so cute!


Wherever you are, have a wonderful weekend and I'll catch you back here soon!