Weekend Browse 2.1 (Late Night Edition)

  Weekend Browse 2.1.001


Hello there!  Hope you're as excited about this late night edition of S+S as I am! I'm excited you share with you a new weekly series, featuring articles from around the web, divided into the FIVE categories, of things you can do to make your life sparkle... STYLE | TASTE | EXPLORE | CREATE | DETOX. We all love browsing the web, especially on the weekends, so why not let your browsing add a little sage + sparkle to your life.


S T Y L E  I had the pleasure of meeting Hilary, of Dean Street Society, at ALT Summit and can't wait to join her in the "Style Me February" challenge.  The 1st is almost over, but there is still a few hours to feel "pretty in pink" and if you happen to be reading this later, no worries, Hilary is big on "no rules" in this challenge and following along only when the inspiration strikes you.  #StyleMeFeb

T A S T E Can't wait to try this deliciously sounding and perfectly styled recipe for Creamy Avocado Hummus, from Joy the Baker.  Something tells me this would make a perfect dip for my favorite vegetable chips.

E X P L O R E This past week I was in Mexico City for work;  I spent my days in Polanco cafe's, on-boarding a new employee (day job workflow), and my nights at chic restaurants.  Be sure to check out my Instagram for a sneak peek into my travels and check back here next week for more on all the fabulous meals I ate.

C R E A T E Valentine's Day is less than two weeks away... time to stop slacken' and cross a few DIY projects off my list. Looking for some inspiration too? Check out this Roundup: 14 Valentine DIY Projects and Printables, via Creature Comforts.

D E T O X If you find yourself in a hotel room 2, 3, sometimes 4 times a month (for multiple days), like myself... or you live outside of NYC and don't have access to all the cool fitness centers like SLT or Barry's Bootcamp... then this is for you! Newly released, Booya Fitness, brings New York's boutique fitness instructors to your living room! Pretty cool, right! And the best part is that you have two options: 1. sign up for the free account and get one class, per day, to try out. Or, 2. sign up for the enthusiast account ($9 monthly or $99 yearly) and get unlimited access of all the classes.