Weekend Agenda + Pumpkin Recipe Roundup

mini-pumpkins I have been majorly slacking on my pumpkin recipes this year! For some reason, Fall seems to be headed in the same direction of Summer - passing by WAY to fast.  This weekend, I plan to put a stop to it.  Fall is my favorite season and I refuse to let it pass me by.

After receiving a few emails wondering where my pumpkin recipes were for the season and after this weekend, I promise I will be back on track, but until there, here is a little recipe roundup of last years pumpkin recipes and an agenda (to help hold me accountable) for the weekend ahead.

This weekends agenda: 

    • Pumpkin Patch
    • DIY Halloween Costumes
    • Make at least 3 pumpkin dishes
    • Flea Market
    • Sunday Brunch
    • Finalizing November Italy trip
    • Apartment cleaning
    • Closet clean out / seasonal switch
    • Check out Pumpkin

      by Fallon Carmichael at Foodie.com

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      And now I would love to know, what's on your agenda for the weekend?