Watercolor Butternut Squash Ravioli // Brown Butter Sage Sauce

DSC_1380Have you ever made ravioli from scratch?  This was my first time and what a success! My friend, Yaz, her two girls, and I were pretty ambitious last Saturday as we prepped for the "Sage & Sparkle Launch Celebration" the following day.  The main dish was a Butternut Squash Ravioli with a Brown Butter Sage Sauce, finished with a watercolor design, perfectly complementing the theme.

Making the pasta was by far much harder than expected (I have the bruises to prove it and a new found respect for Italian Women who make it look easy), but luckily I had my god daughter close by to help.



After rolling the dough, it was time to add the filling, consisting of roasted butternut squash, milk, and an array of spices... saffron and nutmeg to name a few... you can add whatever suits your tastebuds.  Then we added the tops, closed them up, and started with the fun part. It was time to paint!


We used a mix of liquid and gel food coloring... yellow and green to create the effect you see above.  We started by painting a wash of yellow over the raviolis then mixed in a wash of green with darker green streaks using the gel.


While the raviolis turned out a little thick, they sure were delicious and so "Sage & Sparkle"!  When it came time to enjoy our creation, we topped the ravioli with a brown butter sage sauce and a side of arugula.  One word... perfection!

For a similar recipe, but made with store bought lasagna sheets for the pasta, check out this awesome video:  "Squash Ravioli: Brown Butter Sage Sauce (How to Make)" by KIN EATS.  I can honestly say I have watched it about 50 times, its just that cute!  Don't be surprised if you see something similar on "Sage & Sparkle" in the future... I'm totally inspired!


photo credit: pop! by Yaz / Sage & Sparkle