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Fall is my favorite season! If you've been following this blog for a while, you already knew that.  If you're new here... fair warning–I'm pretty obsessed! Between the falling of the leaves, the cooler temps, the festivals, the layers, the pumpkin (ALL THE PUMPKIN) my list could go on and on with the many reasons of why I love fall and I know I'm not alone.

Growing up in California, I never truly appreciated Fall until I moved to New York.  Well, it wasn't that I didn't appreciate it, it was more that I didn't realize its potential.  We never went apple picking or any of that fun stuff, growing up it wasn't really a thing like it is today.  In California, I never "switched my wardrobe", as there wasn't really a need.  Then I moved to NYC and not only was it a need because each season was so different, but also due to a lack of space.

Last weekend, I switched out my closet (well, I started the process).  I still have to finish un-packing/sorting all of my fall/winter clothes, but I finished going through my current closet, packing away anything that was obviously "summer" and also made piles for selling and donating.  Each season, I go through my entire wardrobe and clean out pieces that are just not working any longer, making room for a few news pieces to add to my closet.

This season, one of my favorite additions was the flare jean.  I wasn't really a fan when they first came back in style and hung onto my skinny jeans for dear life.  Then last fall, I had just had a baby and was not about to throw anything new into the mix.  But this fall, I'm finally starting to feel like my old self (still ten pounds away from pre-baby but I'm also still breastfeeding, which for many women cause you to hang on to a little extra) needless to saw, it felt like the right time to try this style out and I have to say I love it! I actually bought this particular pair this past spring from ASOS, but they didn't fit at the time.  I'm glad I hung onto them though, because now they fit perfectly.





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Outfit Details:

Shirt, c/o ThredUP | Jeans, ASOS | Shoes, MICHAEL Michael Kors Mid Flex Pump | Backpack, Madewell | Sunglasses, MICHAEL Michael Kors

What item are you most excited about adding to your wardrobe this season?  Next on my list is a new pair of rain boots and a few lace-up sweaters.