Valentine's Day T-Shirt DIY


When doing DIY projects, especially now with a toddler for an assistant, I like to keep things as simple as possible. If you've been a reader of my blog for awhile now, you know I love a good DIY.    I started this DIY project with good intentions, while Jayden was napping, but as luck would have it, he happened to wake up earlier than normal that day, so I ended up having to finish with him awake (thank God, for baby gates).

This past Friday, Jayden and I hosted a Valentine's Day party for seven toddlers and their mamas.  I started planning the party about a month ago and knew right away, that I wanted to included a DIY aspect as a gift for the little ones. Part of the party we planned included an art project, so knowing the little ones would get messy, I decided making them t-shirts would be a great DIY and the mamas would totally love me for not getting their regular clothes messy–they sure would make for some cute group shots too... win, win for everyone! I started the whole planning process early, hoping to not be up late the night before the party... but in turn Fallon fashion, I was still up pretty late prepping everything, but at least the t-shirts I had done a week in advance.


I love the look of graphic t-shirts, especially for little ones. I think one of the things that makes them super cute is that fact that they can't fully talk (or they can and we just can't fully understand them), so a fun graphic tee is a great way to express themselves.  There are quite a few super cute Valentine's Day inspired t-shirts, sweaters, onesies, etc. out there, if DIY is not your thing... but since we were going to be doing crafts I figured it was best to keep the cost to a minimum.

This project was not only super easy, but cost effect too. It took me about about 2hrs to complete (not counting dance party breaks) for eight shirts.  The longest part was cutting up all the letters and placing my designs,  Even though I planned out the designs I wanted toe create ahead of time, I did have to improvise a little based on the limited amount of letters available in the two packs I purchased.  In total, I spent on $34 this project ($20 for 10 undershirts... leaving me with two extras; $12 for the two packs of iron-on transfers; $2 for two puff paints) which comes out to $4.25 a shirt!

The mamas loved them, the tots looked adorable in them... another successful DIY for the books!

...and if you're still not up for a DIY, here are a few Valentine's Day shirts you could purchase for your littles: