Travel // San José del Cabo, Mexico



Well, it's Thursday and cold and dreary here in NYC... so I'm throwing it back to last week, when I was relaxing by the pool in Cabo!  Maybe if I click my heels long enough,  I can make my way back there.  As many of you know, if you follow me on instagram, last weekend into the early part of last week, my boyfriend and I were in Cabo for a quick mini vaca.  He was actually there for work, being honored for being in the top .1% of sales for North & South America!  He doesn't like to brag, but I know he reads this and I want him to know that I am so proud of him, he works hard and deserves all of the recognition that he received last week.

So anyways the trip was paid for, so I tagged along.  He had various activities schedule throughout our stay, so I mainly hung out by the pool... which was fine by me!  It was nice to have those few days to do absolutely nothing... nothing but lay in the sun and cool off in the pool.  Getting there was not the easiest of task.  There are no direct flights from NYC and the layovers were not quick.  On the way back, my flight was actually cancelled, but those lemons were quickly turned into lemonade when I called Delta and they were able to reroute me through SF, where I had a 4 hour layover, and was able to have dinner with my mom!

We stayed at the Westin in San José del Cabo... gorgeous resort.  The infinity pools were amazing, nice large, ocean view rooms, and the staff was attentive.  On my second day hanging out at the pool, the hotel photographer asked if she could take my picture... I was a little hesitant at first, being that I was in a bikini. Who wants to do a photo shoot in a bikini, unless you're a supermodel and getting paid, but she talked me into it and it ended up being pretty fun.  I went back and forth on if I should or shouldn't share these pictures on the blog... it's a little weird posting pictures of yourself in a bathing suit, but then I figured hey, this is me, flaws and all and I post outfit pics weekly, why not show my "outfit" in cabo.  Are there things about these pictures that make me cringe, yes, do I wish I would have ordered the salad instead of stuffing myself with nachos right before these pictures were taking, absolutely!  But at the end of the day, this is me... un-retouched, full of nachos and margaritas, and happy as can be! The thing I love about blogging and sharing your life and yourself with others (at least for me), is that it has helped me to become more comfortable with who I am and that is a great feeling.

So hopefully these pictures don't offend you, and instead whisk you away for a quick mini vaca to cabo, even if it's only for a brief minute in your head. Everyone deserves a mid-morning daydream, especially on a dreary day.

Until next time....