Third Time's a Charm...



I like to start off each week with fresh flowers (what girl doesn't) for our apartment.  This weeks blooms are a personal fav... Peonies! However flowers are not the only "new" thing around here today... after months of wanting to jump back into the game, I am finally giving this blogging thing another try.

Third time's a charm right (I sure hope so)...


For weeks now I have been contemplating when to launch... the "look" is exactly as I would like it, eventually I would love to higher someone to help with graphic/web design, but then I realized its never going to be perfect.  Blogging is all about the process and as in life you just gotta dive it, give it your all, and hope that you inspire someone.


In my first post I explain a little about why I decided to completely start anew rather than pick up where I left off and I have to say I feel really good about it this time around.  I am in such a good place in my life right now, personally and professionally and I'm ready to have a space once again where I can let my creative energy flow.