Tips for visiting the Bronx Zoo

The Bronx Zoo

One of my favorite parts of living in NYC has always been, that no matter what time of year it is, there is always something to do.  Now, as a mom, I cherish living in a big city even more.  Jayden + I are always on the go, from one adventure to the next.  Yesterday, we actually played tour guide for 60 people from my old church in San Francisco, Glad Tidings, as they had a layover in NYC, on their way to Liberia on a mission trip.  Even though I'm only eight months into this whole motherhood thing, I'm not letting having a baby hold me back from exploring the city that I love.  I will be starting a new series, where I share with you fun things to do in + around NYC, that of course are baby friendly.

Bugaboo Bee 3

Our first stop in the series, is The Bronx Zoo.  I love a well put together zoo + the Bronx Zoo is one of the best.  I was super excited to take my little guy there for the first time.  I knew I would have a blast showing him the animals, but what I didn't know is how much he would enjoy it too.  Just shy of seven months at the time, he LOVED it.  If you're planning a trip to the Bronx Zoo, keep reading for a list of "must see" + be sure to check out my vLog (video blog) of the day, at the bottom of this post.

The Bronx Zoo Must See List 

1. Make some time for a camel ride

The Bronx Zoo, Giraffes

2. See the Giraffes

3. ...and of course the zebras

The Bronx Zoo, The Congo

4. Check out the Congo Forrest

5. See the gorilla family in action

The Bronx Zoo, Father and son

6. Take your babies out of their stroller + let them explore

7. See the bears

The Bronx Zoo Peacock

8. Follow the peacocks (they're literally everywhere)

Bugaboo Bee 3

9. Bring your stroller, for when your arms get tired or your baby needs a nap

10. Take a break in the garden, after seeing the sea lions and don't forget to take family photos

The Bronx Zoo, Zoo Center

11. Swing through Zoo Center on the way to the Children's Zoo

The Bronx Zoo Peacock

...did I mention the peacocks are everywhere!

12. For older kids that may not feel up to walking around–you can check out a FREE stroller for the day at the front entrance

Check out this short video on my youtube channel of our trip to the Bronx zoo.  

Have you been to the Bronx Zoo before?  What are some of your favorite things to do/see?