The perfect gift with Songfinch


Last year we spent my first Mother's Day at the happiest place on earth, Disneyland, before heading to Hawaii to celebrate our anniversary (Mother's Day last year was early)! Jayden was seven months old and it was absolutely magical. The only thing, was that Joe forgot to get me card.  I know that may not seem like a big deal, but I LOVE getting cards for special occasions... Mother's Day, Anniversaries and Birthday's, especially from my significant other.  I've always been a bit of a romantic that way and truly appreciated having someone write in their own words how much I mean to them–I love that a card is something you can hold on to and look back on for years to come.  After the day came to an end I expressed to my husband how I really wished he would've got me a card and he understood.  Once we were back in New York, that evening he presented me with a lovely card for our Anniversary and Mother's Day and promised to never let it happen again.

Fast forward to 2017 and with my 2nd Mother's Day approaching, I was hopefully.  Let me tell you, my husband far exceeded my expectations.  Not only did he get me a card, but he took it one step further and actually had a song written for me for Mother's Day... yes, a SONG! How cool is that?  Joe worked with Songfinch to create a custom song for me for Mother's Day and it was absolutely perfect! I couldn't have asked for a greater gift. Receiving a custom song, written for you is WAY better than a card.  Full disclosure, I had an idea that this was coming, so it wasn't a complete surprise, as Songfinch reached out to us about a month ago to be a part of their Mother's Day campaign, but that is where my involvement ended.  From there Joe took control and was able to work directly with Songfinch from start to finish.  The process began by filling out a questionnaire, which included who the song was for, how you want them to feel when receiving it, what musical genre you prefer and then more specific questions about your relationship and journey together.  From there you submit your questionnaire and are assigned a musician, who may reach out with additional questions and then will write and compose your song.  The entire process takes about a week.  Once complete your song is delivered to your email via a link and you can download it from there.

Since Joe was working against the clock on this one, especially with the pending arrival of bebé number two any day now, he decided to just give me the song as is.  Had we had a little more time there is so much you could do with you custom song... creating a video or collage set to the song would be an awesome touch! But I have to say, receiving a custom song, with bits and pieces include that are close to your heart is more than enough.  I can't tell you enough how happy I am with my song "Home is Everywhere", you can listen to the full song here.[one-third-first][/one-third-first]

[one-third][/one-third] [one-third][/one-third]

With Father's Day right around the corner, a custom song from Songfinch would make the perfect gift! Check out Songfinch for yourself and receive $20 off a song using the code: "FANSOFFALLON" Also great for anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, or even the birth of a child! How amazing would that be to create your own song for the birth of your child, set to photos/videos of their birth.  The possibilities are truly endless.

This post is not sponsored by Songfinch, however they did gift us their services.  This in no way reflected the review of our experience.  Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog.