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After an unplanned "maternity leave", I'm so excited to be back this week blogging.  Hopefully you've been staying in touch, over on Instagram, where even though I haven't been as active as normal, I've still be popping in from time to time, sharing bits + pieces of my new life as a mommy.  Jayden was born six weeks ago (tomorrow) + I'm still adjusting to life with a newborn, while working through the postpartum struggles (more on that later).  Please stick with me, as I get into the groove again, but now that I'm back + I can't wait to take you on this journey with me.

One of the main reasons I was able to get this post up today, is because of this awesome new product we've recently started using during nap time, the Owlet Smart Sock.

owlet baby care, sage and sparkle, june & january

As a new mom, you hear all kinds of scary stories about things that can happen to your baby, especially while they sleep.  SIDS completely terrifies me! The first couple of nights I don't think I slept at all, as I was constantly checking to see if Jayden was breathing–all moms do this right? Admittedly, I still check on Jayden often + it's been six weeks.

A new product launched last month that has been a game changer for me.  I've actually been able to lay Jayden down in his crib for naps during the day + not worry as much, which is essential to getting back to blogging.

Introducing the Owlet Smart Sock...

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The Owlet Smart Sock is a baby monitor which monitors blood flow + oxygen levels, using the same technology as hospitals.  Owlet works with an app that you download to your iPhone + all has a home base that will alert you if you baby’s heart rate dips too low, rises too high, or oxygen levels drop. How cool is that?

owlet baby care

Here's a great video that explains the technology + how the Owlet works.

 owlet baby care, sage and sparkle, june & january

 owlet baby care, sage and sparkle, june & january

owlet baby care, sage and sparkle, june & january

owlet baby care, sage and sparkle, june & january

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As a new mom, I know how important it is to know that your little one is safe, while also being able to sneak in a little shut-eye yourself, or check a few things off of your to-do list.  Owlet helps make this possible, by providing a little peace of mind, while your little one is sleeping.

Because I would love for you to experience this same peace of mind, I've teamed up with Owlet to offer a $10 off promotion on your very own Owlet smart sock. You can use this specialized link here for the promotion to automatically be applied to your order.



This post is sponsored by Owlet Baby Care. All opinions are my own.