The Night I Became a Mixologist...



Last week, I attend an awesome event hosted by Mode Media and Pinnacle Vodka, where we all learned how to make cocktails from master mixxologist, Brian Van Flandern, author of the best selling book, Vintage Cocktails. This was my first time ever, attempting to make a cocktail and the most important thing I walked away with was this...

The key to making a good cocktail is a balance between acid, sugar, and alcohol.

Pretty simple, right? The short answer is yes, but if like me you're still a little intimidated when it comes to making cocktails, I've got you covered.  More details on that in a minute though... first let's take a look at the event!

The night was filled with lots of mixing and mingling (pun intended).  My blogger bestie, Olivia, was able to join me, which I am so thankful for as she is a cocktail expert.  What's the saying... "surround yourself with people who are better than you"... yes, I did that! ;)






In addition, there was obviously amazing decor...




delicious cocktails...





...and a little lots of instagraming!


So fun, right!

Now back to the details on how I will help you feel less intimidated, when it comes to making cocktails.

Not only did I learn how to make the perfect cocktail, perfect for my next "girls night in" or "DIY party", but I also officially joined the Pinnacle Cocktail Club.  Pinnacle Vodka and I will be partnering together for the next three months to share summer entertaining tips, original Pinnacle cocktail recipes, and a few of my own.  I'll try to keep the cocktails as healthy as possible.  But hey, everyone deserves to indulge once in a while...

Responsibility, of course! 


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{photo credit: Gary Santana of GDS Arts}