Surviving Two Under Two | The Ultimate 2nd Baby Registry Guide


Back in December, you may remember I attended a "Bump Brunch" with Nibble & Squeak, which is where I first meet Natalie, founder of King Kidlet.  What is King Kidlet you ask? King Kidlet is a baby registry concierge service that helps make the transition into parenthood less confusing and overall seamless. When you become a parent for the first time or the 4th, there is so many new products in the baby world and not enough time to research them all–which is where King Kidlet comes in.  When Natalie reached out to collaborate on the "2nd Baby Registry Must Haves", I jumped at the chance.  For one, I knew working with Natalie would help me get my act together and figure out what I really needed for baby number two–which it totally did.

Since Jayden and baby number two will only be 20 months apart, there are quite a few things I can cross off before even beginning to put together my registry, like a car seat (we LOVE our Nuna Pipa for the first year and now the Nuna Reva), but since Jayden will still be under two, there are a few upgrades/additions that we will need, like an additional crib and a double stroller. Thank to Natalie, I was able to complete my list for what I really needed for baby number two.

So let's get to it...

I broke down what we think is the Ultimate 2nd Baby Registry Guide (catered to my needs of course, but is a great place to start if you're in the same boat), into six categories: On-the-go, sleeping, play, feeding, big brother/sister gifts, and for mommy.

Keep reading to see what we selected...



Backpack Diaper Bag // I've carried a backpack diaper bag from the beginning, but with two kids hands free is an absolute must! While I still have the backpack I used as my original diaper bag (a Madewell tan leather backpack), it's not intended to be a diaper bag and I image with the arrival of baby number two, the more organized the better.  I love the newly designed Skip Hop Greenwich Backpack, for all it's organizational features and the fact that it has two straps to easily hang from your stroller handle bar.

Double Stroller // Ah, the dreaded double stroller...  I say this as a city mom, who has spent the last almost 19 months with the super compact Bugaboo Bee 3 (which is perfect for the city and if you are having your first or even second with a 3/4+ toddler, I would highly recommend it!).  I've tried for months now, to figure out if I could make having a single stroller work and while I do think it's "possible" it wouldn't always be easy.  I did baby wear with Jayden exclusively until 6 months old and I plan to do A LOT of baby wearing with #2, however, the stroller does have it's positives too, especially as baby gets older.  The UppaBaby Vista with rumble seat is a cult favorite and great option, I was also really intrigued by the Austlen Entourage however I'm leaning towards the Silver Cross Wave, after Natalie introduced it to me and I got to test drive it last weekend at Wee Babe in Williamsburg.

Boogie Board // Since we already have the bugaboo bee 3 (and love it), we also plan to get a boogie board for when Jayden is older and we can go back to the single stroller.  This is a great all-around option if you babies will be 3/4 years apart, but with two under two, this is more of an "in addition too... the double stroller"

Lalabu Soothe Shirt // As I mentioned about, baby-wearing was my jam the first time around and now that I have a toddler, I have a feeling I will love it ever more.  I'm excited to use this for the early days, when baby is still sleeping most of the day.  I love that it's super functional and easy to wear and will hopefully help us get adjusted to our new "Two Under Two" lifestyle.

Solly Baby Wrap // I'm a huge fan of the Solly Baby Wraps (and already have two of them)... But that doesn't keep me from wanting to add at least one new color to my collection for baby number two–I'm leaning towards "tigerlily" or "camel".  Great for 0-6 months.

Wild Bird Sling // I did not have a sling the first time around but would like to have one for around the house with baby number two.  Perfect for easy in and out, while still playing with/taking care of a toddler.


While the bassinet didn't work for us the first time around (we had a moses basket with rocking stand), every baby is different and we plan to try again.  

Bassinet // Natalie recommend the Baby Bay Bedside Sleeper as a great option for us, since she knew we liked co-sleeping for and it looks like an excellent option.   If  you have the money to splurge, the Snoo is where it's at.  I have a few friends that swear by this new comer to the technologically advanced baby product world.

DocAtot // Another lifesaver for us.  We got our DocAtot pretty late in the game (around 6 months), but it was well worth it as it helped us transition Jayden into his crib seamlessly, after co-slepping with us for 7 months.  I'm looking forward to now using it earlier with baby #2 as it's also a great place for naps or for baby to lounge in, while in different rooms of our apartment or having a picnic out in the park.  **Disclaimer The DockATot website clearly states that docks should not be placed inside a bassinet or crib so I can't technically recommend this to you but obviously each parent makes their own decision about what they feel is safe.

Crib // We love our Babyletto 3-in-1 Lolly Crib and plan to add another to our nursery so they match.  If you're in the market for a new crib in general, I highly recommend.

Additional Monitor Camera // With two babies, you will need two cameras.  Luckily, we have the Samsung so we will just be getting one additional camera and can hook it up to the monitor we already have, but there is also an option to purchase all together as a double baby monitor set.  And if your on the hunt for a new monitor in general, Natalie recommends the Levana, as it most consistently has the best reviews and ratings.


Skip Hop Activity Center // The first time around we had the Evenflo Exersaucer, which was great, but we didn't use it for long and it took up so much space, so we sold it after Jayden outgrew it.  This time around, I would still like to have something with the same concept for using when I need to take a quick shower, make dinner, tend to Jayden etc., but with a smaller footprint and the ability to grow with baby.  I recommended the Skip Hop Activity Center to my friend Olivia and she ended up getting it, so I've had the chance to see it in person and love it! My favorite part is it's pretty neutral and it transitions easily into a table as the toddler stages start to approach.

Play Gym // For Jayden we had the Fisher Price Piano Play Mat (which was great), but since our dog ruined it by peeing on it, I decided I wanted to go the route of the modern wooden play gyms with a faux lamb skin laid under it.  Especially since I found this affordable Wooden Play Gym option at Target.

Noggin Stik – Best toy ever! // Not only is this toy entertaining for pretty much every baby I've met, it's also a great developmentally toy as well.  Super easy to grip, introduces multiple colors and textures and incorporates a graphic element.  I especially like that it is small but does the job keeping baby entertained and also that it provides entertainment/education as various stages in their development..  Such a great toy to toss in your diaper bag and go.

Teethers // After the whole "Sophie mold uproar", I plan to stick to silicone or wood teethers this go around, that don't have the risk of growing mold.

Rock 'n Play // A lifesaver for us, when Jayden wouldn't sleep unless he was in the wrap or being held.  The Rock 'n play helped us to get Jayden sleeping on his own, was great for naps and we even used it for putting him to sleep at night and then would bring him in to bed with us after his first wake up.  Best of all, it easily folds up for when more space is needed. I espeically love this deluxe version for Jonathan Adler. Depending on your comfort level you don't necessarily need this and a bassinet, but that is really a personal parenting decision.


Como Tomo Bottles // Hands down, the best bottles for breastfeed babies. If you're planning to breastfeed, but also want to pump for times when you may want/need to be away from the baby (or have Daddy jump in and help), these bottles are the ones you want.

Boppy // My boppy was a lifesaver in the early months of breastfeeding.  It just made everything a lot more comfortable for me.  I still have my original one, but plan to get a new cover.  And not only is the boppy great for nursing, but also for tummy time and back support as your baby learns to sit up on their own.

Earth Mama Angle Baby Nipple Butter // Hands down the best nipple treatment out there.  I went through it all in the beginning of my breastfeeding journey with Jayden and Earth Mama Angle Baby Nipple Butter was a must.  I will for sure be stocking up again on this.

Swaddles // In my opinion, you can never have enough swaddles.  I actually didn't even swaddle Jayden much after the first week or two, but I sure got a lot of use out of my swaddle collection.  Not only are the great for swaddling your baby, they're also great for covering up while nursing, cleaning up spit up and burping.  This time around, I really want a few that will be great for photo opts too, like the Shit Just Got RealWhen I Met You... or the Wings swaddles from Coveted Things. And I also plan to stock up on a few from Modern Burlap.

Big Brother / Big Sister

Books // Jayden LOVES reading, so books that talked about welcoming a baby and becoming a big brother were at the top of our list.  I also wanted to make sure to incorporate at least one Spanish option as we like to switch off between Spanish and English stories at bedtime.   A few of our favorites are My New Baby, Waiting For Baby (I especially love that this one features a mixed race family), Snuggle The Baby and I'm a Big Brother (Spanish Edition).  And for those of you that have a little girl, I'm a Big Sister is a great book as well.

Baby Doll & Stroller // We actually got Jayden a baby doll (love this one from Land of Nod) and stroller for Christmas (his favorite gift), but if we hadn't, it would be at the top of our list.  It's important for little ones to feel included and giving them their own doll to play with not only include them, but helps them practice their "big brother/sister" skills before baby arrives.

A Solly Doll Wrap – just like mom // If you love baby wearing as much as I do, a Solly Doll Wrap would also make for a great gift your your future big brother/sister.


Meal Delivery Service // Hello Fresh, Sun Basket, or Daily Harvest are my favorites.   SunBasket is great if you prefer organic. Also, Daily Harvest is an awesome company started by an NYC mom which delivers healthy prepared smoothies and soups, that are great for busy moms, postpartum and Hello Fresh, I think we're know pretty well.  Any of these would make a great gift for a new mom, no matter what number baby she is on.

Project Nursery Smart Band // As a first time mom, I tracked everything... diaper changes, naps, nursing sessions (including side and time), but something tells me that won't be the case this time around... I mean who has the time for that?!? I do however love the idea of smart gadget that helps do all of this for you.  Think of it as a fitbit for moms, the new Project Nursery Smart Band, not only tracks your steps, which is great to make sure your getting enough safe physical activity postpartum,  but you can also track your feedings, sleep and diaper changes, right on the smart band as well.  Totally NOT a necessity, but still a cool thing to have, if gadgets are your thing.

Bravado Nursing Bras // Take it from someone who has been either pregnant, nursing or both for the last 28 months (yes, I just counted and WOW!), new nursing bras are a must! Bravado continues to be my go to brand for nursing and sleep bras and I fully intend to toss my worn, stretched out stash and stock up on a few new styles.

*Another great option for mommy (not pictured above), is a postpartum doula or lactation consultants (provided you know she's breastfeeding).  


I hope you find this list helpful, when planning your 2nd baby registry.  If you're still at a lost, be sure to check out King Kidlet services, as they are wonderful and really take out all of the overwhelm that can be associated with planning ahead for a baby–tell Natalie I sent ya ;) .  King Kidlet is located in NYC but also available via phone consultation as well.  Natalie, the Founder of King Kidlet and I are hosting a giveaway on Instagram–if you're an expecting mama, be sure to check it out.

xxo, Fallon