Summer Book Club | Themed Cocktail Recipes

Cocktails + Summer Bookclub

I've wanted to be a part of a book club, for as long as I can remember - so much so, that I think it's about time I start a book club of my own - now if only I could add an extra day or two to each month, so that I had the time to make it happen.  Minor details, that we will just have to set aside for now.

As you know, I have partnered with Mode Media and Pinnacle Vodka to share with you cocktail recipes and "girls night in" ideas, all summer long.  What better way to host a "girls night in" than with a summer book club, including themed cocktails.


Since time is of the essence, let's talk about how you can quickly (and easily) host a summer book club, focusing on the most important part - the cocktails! Okay, so the cocktails are equally as important as the food... but if the cocktails are right, all that is needed is a little cheese, crackers, and fruit - easy enough to pull together at the last-minute.


For the perfect summer book club, I say match your drinks to the book of the hour.  Now you may think, that sounds like too much work, but trust me when I tell you, once you get started, pairing books with cocktails can be pretty fun! I even had my BF joining in and throwing out some great ideas.


Lucky for you, I have pulled together the top 5 books on my list to read this summer and paired them with themed cocktails. Some of the recipes are my own, some are via and all are included below.




My Summer 2014 Reading List:

    • #GIRLBOSS - The story behind Sohia Amoruso (Founder + CEO of Nasty Gal) 


  • The Fault In Our Stars - Because I have to read it before I see the movie! 



  • The Vacationers - Since I wont be going to the Balearic island of Mallorca, why not read about it. 



  • Euphoria - "Three gifted and groundbreaking anthropologists bound together by an all-consuming passion"... sign me up! 



  • Jason Priestley, a memoir - I grew up with Brandon and the rest of the cast of 90210... can't wait to get the inside scope on his life. 



Nasty Gal on the Rocks

Nasty Gal on the Rocks, Cocktail Recipe, Sage+Sparkle


Bittersweet-tiniBittersweet-tinit, Cocktail Recipe, Sage+SparkleMediterranean Sunset


Mediterranean Sunset, Cocktail Recipe, Sage+Sparkle


Love Triangle


Love Triangle, Cocktail Recipe, Sage+Sparkle

Peach Pit-tini 2

Peach Pit-tini, Cocktail Recipe, Sage+Sparkle


So now that I have given you some ideas, what are you waiting for? Now's the time to plan your own summer book club! Pick the book, pair it with a cocktail, invite all your best girlfriends over and the rest will take care of itself.