Sage & Sparkle // SummerStage



Who knew Monday nights could be so fun?... My friend Katrina and I went to SummerStage in Central Park Monday night, to see indie group She & Him.  I adore Zooey Deschanel, I mean who doesn't, so I was beyond thrilled to go.  Katrina just  so happened to be off Monday so I put her in charge of bringing the snacks (no way were we passing up an opportunity for a low key picnic in Central Park) and I was in charge of getting the tickets and getting there on time... proudly I can say all was accomplished. 5:45pm rolled around and I rushed to the 6 train to hightail it to 69th Street & 5th Ave. Before leaving I checked the weather channel app and there was a 0% chance of rain for the rest of the evening (yay!).  I arrived shortly after 6pm when the gates opened.  After a few strange encounters with the ticket ladies, we were in.

We nestled into a nice little spot close to the stage and our picnic/the show began.  We caught up on "girl talk", devoured the hummus, veggies, fruit, and crackers, and before we knew it an hour had went by and we still hadn't seen Zooey... but the good news is, she was up next.  The sun was shinning, it was warm but not too hot, and then it hit us... a rain drop that is.

One drop, then two and BAM!, torrential down pour was in full effect (nice job weather channel app).  There we were, in the middle of Central Park with no umbrella, so we quickly packed up the remainder of the food and tucked ourselves under the blanket.  The rain was coming down faster by the minute when we found ourselves at a crossroads... we could a.) grab our sandals and run to the nearest taxi, missing Zooey all together, or b.) throw the blanket off, stand up, and dance in the rain like no one is watching.  Option b.) won!

We stayed, we got soaked, the sun came back out, and we got to see Zooey! She was just as cute as we imagined she would be and the cherry on the top was the fact that her parents where there with her in the audience celebrating their 41st Wedding Anniversary!





Overall amazing/memorable evening that we will never forget!  We didn't get any pics of She & Him... at their request phones, cameras, and social media were not allowed; they wanted their audience to experience the show in real life 3D!  And that we did. We sang, we danced, we got the t-shirt! Around 9:30pm, we headed out, walking through a field of fireflies (a moment worthy of being a scene in 500 Day's of Summer) before catching a cab back home.  What a perfect night... Thanks, Zooey!

(For a good laugh, check out my Instagram for a full shot of me when the rain first hit )