Sage & Sparkle Launch // Brunch Celebration


Last Wednesday my BBF and I decided that Sunday would be the perfect day for a girls brunch!  First let me give you a brief background on who  my BFF is... Yaz Quiles, simply put, a event planning extraordinaire!  When Yaz is planning,  be it an intimate brunch for six ladies or an extravagant wedding for thousands of people, there are a few things you can be sure of... One, there will be a theme. Two, the table setting and decor will blow you away. Three, the food/drinks will be fabulous.  And four, the moment will be talked about for years to come! Sunday brunch was no different...

So backing up to last Wednesday when the initial idea was set into motion.  First on the agenda was coming up with a theme.  Later that afternoon Yaz sent me a message and said she would like to use "Sage & Sparkle" as the theme! *gasp* The launch of my blog as they theme to a pop! by Yaz event?? um... yes, please! So remember this was just last wednesday that the theme was established.  By Wednesday night, the e-vite went out, by Thursday morning, Yaz had sent me a 17 pg. powerpoint including a menu of her ideas for our brunch.  Saturday morning the art work (created by my god daughter, Yaz' mini me, and her sister) and the DIY water color napkins were well underway... by nightfall, we were putting the finishing touches on the table setting and cooking away in the kitchen, making watercolor ravioli from scratch, quiche, cucumber cup salads,  and what we are calling "sweet cakes" (details coming soon).  The Sage & Sparkle Launch was happening and in a fabulous way!

DSC_0235The Table - Theme: Sage & Sparkle with a pop! of watercolor, herbs, flowers, and sparkle!





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The Ladies!!!



The Sparkle!!!Slide1

How did I get so luck to have such a fabulous bestie?!?

Yaz - the Queen of pop! and I in front of our DIY photo backdrop.


The beautiful ladies all together, celebrating the launch of "Sage & Sparkle"!

As you can seen the brunch was a moment to remember, obvi! And I couldn't be more grateful to have these wonderful ladies there to celebrate with us!  You see, while the theme was "Sage & Sparkle" the event itself was put into motion not only to celebrate the launch of my blog but also as a jumpstart to the relaunch of Yaz' blog pop! by Yaz.  I can't thank Yaz enough for being such an amazing friend!  She truly is one of the most talented people I know and I can't wait to see what exciting things are to come for her this year!  We deserve nothing but the best and this year, we're claiming it!

Thank you for joining us ladies... (from left to right) Syl, Christy, Yaz, (me), Antoninette, and Katty.  Click on their names to check out their instagrams too... as we're all pretty fabulous!