Recipe Roundup // 12 Summer Seafood Dishes

Check out 12 Summer Seafood Dishes

by Fallon Carmichael at

Lately, it seems like all I have been doing is eating.  Between trips to New Orleans, Los Angeles, and Cincinnati over the last two weeks, let's just say I have been staying pretty well feed.  One of the common threads amongst all of the amazing dishes I have had lately is that they have all been sea food.  In New Orleans, naturally seafood was on the menu for basically every meal - from crawfish, to ceviche, to shrimp & grits, every dish was delicious. Then there was the crab toast in LA that was to die for and this past week, I had the most amazing fish taco and grilled octopus that I have had in a long time.  All in all, I have been experiencing some amazing seafood dishes lately, so when foodie approached me and asked that I share my top 12 seafood dishes with you, I jumped at the chance. Seafood is bar far my favorite dish to order, cook, and eat.

In this recipe roundup, I've shared my favorites - from delicious ceviche, to multiple ways to cook shrimp, followed by my standout favorites - octopus, halibut, salmon, sea bass, and cod. If you like seafood, then there is something in this roundup for you.


So tell me, what are your favorite seafood dishes for summer? Send me links to your favorite recipes - I'm always down for trying new things.  

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