Recipe Roundup // 12 Savory Hand Pies

Lately, I have been craving savory pies! Maybe it's the polar vortex that has made a few uninvited appearances here in the North East (expected to return again Monday), or maybe it's just because I LOVE pie crust. Either way, you will never catch me turning down a savory pie or a sweet one for that matter.

Today, I'm sharing 12 Savory Hand Pie Recipes in celebration of National Pi Day, March 14th. Yes, I said Pi, not pie... you know, the irrational number. Yes, National Pi Day is a real holiday and it just so happens that some people (i.e. Foodies, like me) like to celebrate by eating pie!

So why not join in on the yumminess on March 14th? I know I will.


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