Recipe Roundup // 12 Pies Perfect for Thanksgiving

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by Fallon Carmichael at

Thanksgiving (the official kick-off to the holiday season in the US) is less than a week away + that means it time to get your pie recipes in order. While I'm admittedly more of a hearty food lover than a sweat lover, I have recently come to appreciate a delicious treat. When it comes to the holidays, pie is my go-to, with the crust being my favorite part. I like to try at least one new pie recipe, each season, and even given my packed schedule, this year will be no exception. The only problem I have, is that I have to actually narrow down my list and make a decision as to which pie I plan to bake.

In todays recipe roundup, I have pulled together 12 perfect pies that you could whip up just in time for next weeks festivities. In this list, I have included some of my personal favorites, like pumpkin + apple, but in true Fallon fashion, I have also included some pretty exciting twist on a few classics as well... Hello, Bacon Lattice Apple Pie!

When it comes to the holidays, what are your favorites pies to make? Do you have a go-to recipe’s or, like me, do you like to mix it up?

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