R.I.P. Sophie the Giraffe


If you're a mom, I'm sure by now you've heard about the "Sophie mold scandal" circulating the internet. I mean, Sophie is one of the most popular teether toys for babies, so naturally when mold is found growing inside, it becomes big news.  While not ALL Sophie's have been effected, I was still curious if ours had fallen victim.  My son hasn't used his in a really long time as he's had the majority of his teeth for a while now (16 total).  It took me two days to find Sophie and I searched our two toy boxes (one in the living room, one in the nursery), under the crib, behind the couch etc., my anticipation continued to grow... sadly, so did the mold!

Once I located our Sophie, I immediately cut her open, which for a $25 rubber toy, felt wrong, but I had to know! In the end, I'm glad I did it, as we HAD fallen victim and our Sophie was in fact covered with mold on the inside (eek!).... R.I.P. Sophie! As you can guess, Sophie immediately went into the trash. It's crazy, as I feel like you see these type of stories go viral all the time and then you subsequently see parents in an uproar, but then you never know anyone personal that "the crisis" has actually happened to.  It's kind strange to be on this end with positive results.

Now, I know there are some critics that are saying this incident is only happening to "moms who don't know how to clean their toys properly"... well to that I say, Seriously, we can do better!... let's not turn this in to a "mom shaming" moment too. From personal experience I can tell you, I whipped mine down with a damp cloth occasionally, as the instructions state and once put it in the dishwasher, thinking I was disinfecting it.  Well, it turns out that putting it in the dishwasher might be where I went wrong, but I also know some moms personally who only whipped occasionally with a damp cloth and still found mold on the inside, so it's really a case by case situation. Nevertheless, the mold happened and can and will continue to happen with more Sophie's over time, as well as any bath toy that has a hole in it for squeaking– with that, I will not be having either in my house any longer. As someone who got extremely sick years ago, from what turned out to be mold in my apartment, I'm not taking the risk.

With a new little one on the way, you can bet we won't be using  Sophie or any similar type of teethers.  We plan to stick to silicone and wood (not hollowed out) teethers from here forward! I pulled together a list of our favorites...


10 Awesome Teethers to Replace Sophie 


R.I.P.  Sophie!  You're still cute, but not worth the risk for this mama.


I'm curious, what do you think?  Do you own a Sophie? Did you cut yours open as well? Or is this all just silly to you?

Let me know in the comments below...