Photography // Apple Farm + Pumpkin Patch

apple picking-pumpkin patch-photography

If you follow me on instagram or happened to catch my outfit post on Monday... then you know, that this past weekend, I spent the better part of my Sunday at the Apple Farm/Pumpkin Patch. Fall is my favorite time of year, mainly because of all the wonderful outdoor activities you can partake in, all while dressed fabulously in layers and in my case... fur! Which is exactly what we did.   This past Sunday, we piled into our car and headed upstate... okay, really it was just past Westchester, but regardless the places that you can explore around the tri-state area, are such a wonderful advantage of living in NYC. With my fur around my neck and camera on my shoulder, I was ready!

Photography has been a huge hobby of mine, since I can remember, I consider myself an aspiring photographer of sorts.  Any chance I get, I take pictures.  I guess you can say that's one trait I inherited from my father... well, at least the one that I am proud of.  Today, I wanted to share with you a few of the shots I took.  Each time I take a picture, I feel like I learn something new.  I just started learning more about shooting in manual mode and while I have SO much more to learn, it's now the only way I will shoot.  When it comes to my skills in photography, they could be defined as a work in progress, and I'm perfectly happy with that.  Isn't that what life in general is... all one big "work in progress"?  What/who are we if we are not striving to always be better?  I fully believe that!  Put in the work and you will progress.

Hope you all are having a fabulous week! Until tomorrow... check out my photos and a few additional from the day, that I didn't take, on my Sage + Sparkle Facebook page. And, please, leave comments and let me know what you think.



apples-apple picking


mini pumpkins-white pumpkins

mini pumpkins-white pumpkins

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