Orange is the happiest color...


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I don't know about you, but I am so looking forward to this weekend. It's funny how a short week can seem so long! This weekend I have big plans... NKOTB concert tomorrow night (hate to admit it, but I love a good boy band), followed by a Yankees game on Sunday, and lots of sunny happy hours with this pup... Frankie...who just so happens to be named after Frank Sinatra.  Speaking of Frank, according to him "orange is the happiest color" and I have to say I agree! There is something about orange that makes you want to smile... (Frankie didn't get the memo, but I'll let him slide this time as I woke him from his slumber to take these pics).



Until recently I was never a fan of "orange" per say... But then I realized I had been overlooking such a fabulous color for far too long! Shades of coral, peach, tangerine, you name it, I love them all! So you can imagine my excitement when I came across this rug on for such a steal! And I have to admit, ever since I have let all the many shades of orange into my life, I sure have been happier... coincidence, maybe, but I'll take it!


Enjoy your weekend! Live happy...