One Year Anniversary | Sage + Sparkle

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Today marks my 258th post + one year since I started Sage + Sparkle, hence the reason for the balloons today. This year has flown by... literally and figuratively and I couldn't be more pleased with where I am, right at this moment.

This past weekend was amazing! My love and I spent the weekend, in California, with my family, packed full of emotional and exciting adventures.  For starters, my little sister graduated from Sac State.  It has been such a long, hard journey for her, and I'm so proud to see her finally realize her dream and I can't wait to see what's next for her. The following day we got to see my brother preach to the youth at his church. Truly amazing.  He has a way with words that are well beyond his years, yet he's able to connect with the youth in a way that is genuine and inspiring. He's currently in school, working towards becoming a pastor.  Again, another proud moment.

I also got to spend time with my Grandma + Grandpa, who my Mom recently moved up north (from Bakersfield, CA) to live with her.  Well my Grandma is living with her and my Grandpa unfortunately is at a point where he has to live in a home now.  But he is at least close to Mom. My Grandma just recently started dialysis and my Grandpa has Alzheimer, which at this point, is advancing pretty quickly. Both not fun things to have to deal with, and I know it has not been easy on my Mom, but I have to say I feel so much better knowing they're with her and getting the care they need. Plus, my Mom is the strongest woman I know, if anyone can handle it, she can.  I feel lucky for the time we were able to spend together this weekend and will cherish those moments always.

If this weekend taught me anything, it's to cherish every moment, big and small, for the world and life in general moves so quickly.  We must not forget that while the destination is what we're continuously striving for, it's the journey that is the best part.  Enjoy every moment and cherish your time with loved ones.  Tomorrow is not promised, but when it comes your way, you better make it a good one!

Oh and one last thing from the weekend, we were also able to sneak in lunch at Pier 39 in San Francisco and a hot air balloon ride over Napa, but more on that later this week...

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Thank you so much for all your support this past year.  I can't even begin to describe how much it means to me that you enjoy what I choose to share with you here.  I started this journey with the intent of inspiring others and I hope in the past year, I have inspired you, but what I didn't realize was that so many of you would inspire me as well. There is so much in store for Sage +Sparkle, so please stick around.  Here's to many more years to come...