My Weekend in an Instant // Oct 12th - 13th



Happy Monday!  Okay, I have a confession to make... My weekend is actually still in full effect.  As we speak, I just finished up a lovely breakfast, read all of my favorite blogs, had a nice long walk with Frankie, and now I'm currently watching The View.  Gotta love those random "holidays" off from work (no complaints here).  So please excuse the late post today... I'm still in my lululemon and enjoying every minute.  Tonight I'm getting together with my blogger friends for a little DIY party. Super excited! I may or may not be brining a pumpkin treat along... get excited!

My Weekend in an Instant // Oct 12th - 13th

  1. My love was out of town this weekend and Friday night I found Frankie hiding in his closet, apparently he missed him...
  2. Saturday morning flowers from the flea market make me a happy girl
  3. Enjoy an acai bowl... get the recipe here
  4. Turned out to be quick that weekend... take that weather man!
  5. Enjoying some Mexican candy on the balcony, daydreaming about Cabo...
  6. Relaxing with the Frankster
  7. Sunday mornings are made for tea, pumpkin donut holes, and pinterest
  8. Frankie was loving the sun this weekend... he took a 2 hours nap on the balcony! #livingthelife
  9. Finally was able to switch my closet over to Fall.  Summer clothes are all packed up and I'm armed and ready to plan some awesome Fall outfits!

Some of the above photos were on Instagram over the weekend.  To see them in realtime… follow me @sageandsparkle

So tell me, how you make your weekend sparkle?  Please share in the comment section below…