My Weekend in an Instant // July 4th - 7th




Four day weekends should happen more often, they leave you feeling so relaxed and ready for whatever the week ahead may have in store.  The fact that I got to see major fireworks probably didn't hurt either.  Fireworks always make me happy!

Although, the Monday after a 4 day weekend is never fun... especially when you wake up early, hightail it to Yoga, only to find out the 7am class was cancelled!!! WHAT?!?  How can that be! This really messes with my 60 day challenge, as I have plans tonight and wont be able to go to the 6:30pm class.  (I seriously for a moment thought about how I could make the class work tonight... that's how addicted I am, but alas I came to my senses... today just wasn't meant to be).  Maybe tomorrow I can take two classes and they will let it count. Oh, Monday... not off to a good start for me, but the day is still young.  Let's turn it around by starting the week off with a weekend recap of how I enjoyed the long weekend, keeping it local, in NYC...

My Weekend in an Instant // July 4 - 7:

  1. The long weekend started off with a good ol' american independence day celebration, with patriotic style in full effect
  2. The boy and I decided to keep it low key and view the fireworks from his office at One Penn Plaza... which meant an incredibly view (check out a few pics below)
  3. Friday was insanely hot... so I decided to make Watermelon Ice Cubes to help cool us off.  It worked, if only temporarily
  4. My love made me dinner Friday night... a very yummy Puerto Rican classic (photos also features this weeks flowers.. details on the blog coming soon)
  5. 4th of July Weekend is all about BBQs... this weekend did not disappoint.  I made Blueberry Lemon Hand Pies for the BBQ we went to Saturday (details on the blog later this week)
  6. My love and I at our friends rooftop BBQ
  7. BBQ Brooklyn Style
  8. The view from the roof in Brooklyn... (I love LIC... but brooklyn will also hold a piece of my heart)
  9. Anything poured inside a pineapple taste twice as good
  10. Sunday was a day of relaxing indoors to stay cool.  Started the day off with a cup of tea
  11. Week one of 60 Day Yoga Challenge complete!!! - 8 Days in a row, going strong! (since I started a day early June 30th, I'm go to let what happened this morning go...)
  12. Lazy Sunday brunch with my love
  13. Eggs benedict with crispy prichiutto for me... steak and eggs for him
  14. Mani/pedi to end the weekend and start the week
  15. How cute is this salon? (painting on the wall at Snob Nail Salon)

Some of the above photos were on Instagram over the weekend.  To see them in realtime… follow me @sageandsparkle.

Hope you had an amazing weekend and 4th of July (for those of you in the sates)! I included a few pictures of the Macy's Fireworks here in NYC... to see more check out my blog page on Facebook, oh and while your at it, become a fan!