My Weekend in an Instant // July 20-21



Today my love and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary... our first date was at Shi in LIC, which we just so happen to live down the street from now, so naturally we decided to go back there tonight to celebrate.  I feel so lucky to have a guy like him in my my life.  I know it sounds cliché, but he really is the yin to my yang (anyone who knows me personal, knows this is true).

Thursday night my computer crashed... or so I thought. After two hours at the apple store, the good news was that my hard drive was safe, the bad news is that my screen needs to be replaced.   I was put on the spot, do I pay the money to fix the screen or do I just get a new laptop... the pressure made me panic.  What did I do? I called my love, and the level headed, logical, amazing boyfriend that he is, said "take the laptop home, we can just hook it up to a monitor until we figure out the best option".  **swoon**  For a blogger, this is a knight in shinning armor moment.  I love him!

So good news, Sage & Sparkle will not be going on an unplanned vacation and this week I have tons to share with you as a few post that were planned for last week didn't go live.  So sit back and enjoy... and check back daily for your "Sage & Sparkle Fix".

My Weekend in an Instant // July 13-14:

  1. Awesome new french wine we picked up.  Loved the bottle and the name - "Jolie Folle" which means "Crazy Beautiful"... and love the suggestions on what to pair it with even more... (Lovers, Family, and Friends)
  2. Breakfast from Sweatleaf LIC ... Tea for me, coffee for him - along with a rosemary biscuit and poppyseed lemon bread.
  3. Brunch with friends at Sage General Store.... AMAZING bacon brunch!
  4. Gantry Park water front
  5. Italian icy with my love (mango & cherry)
  6. Celebrating 2 wonderful years since our first date!  My love and I in Astoria Park...
  7. Watching the sun set over Manhattan
  8. My Sunday kind of love...
  9. He opened this exact door for me two years ago today and I still got butterflies when he opened it tonight. (Happy Anniversary babe! Looking forward to many, many more...)

Some of the above photos were on Instagram over the weekend.  To see them in realtime… follow me @sageandsparkle.