My Weekend in an Instant // July 13-14



As we prepare for another heat wave in the North East, it's nice to take this time, before the sun fully starts beating down, to look back on my nice relaxing weekend.  Nothing too exciting happened, but you know my philosophy... it's all about making the ordinary moments extraordinary and that is exactly what I did this weekend... (and every weekend to be honest).

My Weekend in an Instant // July 13-14:

  1. Friday date night tradition continues... with tater tots from El Ay Si (pronounced LIC), down the street from our house. I did skip out on yoga to enjoy this fried goodness, but my knee had been killing me all week so I had a good excuse, plus ever now and then you gotta live a little ;)
  2. My mani from last week was chipping (surprise, surprise) so I decided to do a little DIY to extend the life a little longer. A little sparkle does wonders!
  3. Surprise firework display over Central Park happened around 10:30pm.  I had already falling asleep on the couch, but was so glad my love woke me up for this. I (heart) fireworks!!!
  4. A not so happy Frankie on the way to Pooches Spa, Saturday morning... badly in need of a haircut, teeth cleaning, nail clipping, etc. -basically the works!
  5. Frankie post spa, looking oh so handsome, and about 5 pounds lighter
  6. Picked up this magazine and can't wait to make a few of the recipes for my love
  7. Yoga in Gantry Park Sunday morning was amazing!  Can't wait for it to happen again next month... (more details on the blog this week)
  8. And fresh juice was served post yoga... I opted for the Pineapple Jamu option (with turmeric, ginger, tamarind, and a hint of lime), so yummy!
  9. Spent Sunday afternoon shopping at Woodbury Commons (my first time) and scored some great finds from JCrew and UnderArmour. I was disappointedwith the selection at Lulu Lemon, but hey, you can't win them all...
  10. Picked up a bunch of fresh flowers from WholeFoods on the way home... (details on the blog later this week)
  11. Crossing over the Queensboro Bridge on the way home after dinner on the upper east side.  Perfect end to a perfect week.
  12. Caught a beautiful sunrise over Silvercup Studios before the hustle and bustle of the week begins

Some of the above photos were on Instagram over the weekend.  To see them in realtime… follow me @sageandsparkle.

Hope you had a nice relaxing weekend too.  Anything fun or exciting you care to share... leave it in the comment section below.