My Weekend in an Instant // August 17th - 18th




Oh, Monday! How we all love to hate you... This one is particularly tough for me, as it's my first Monday headed to the office in the past 3 weeks. I was really starting to get used to the 3 day weekends, but alas, I wasn't able to make them mandatory (still working on it for 2014).

My Weekend in an Instant // August 17th - 18th:

  1. Friday night started off at Cutler Salon for my first hair cut in NYC, after living here for 7 years! Followed by date night with my love at our first date spot, Shi in LIC
  2. Saturday morning it was back to Cutler for some color... then off to Governors Island for the 2013 Jazz Age Lawn Festival... So nice to take the ferry from Hunters Point/LIC all the way there, vs. driving into the city, parking, then taking the ferry like last year
  3. My love and I on the ferry... I have to admit Saturday was not my best day mood wise, sometimes you just have those days.  Honestly I think the lack of sleep was just catching up with me... but life goes on, so I had to roll with it
  4. Regardless of mood, I was happy to spend the day with my love (and even more happy he still loves me when I get all grouchy)
  5. Exchanging tickets for the ferry ride back home
  6. Showing off my new cut, wearing it straight!  - In total I cut off 12... haven't been this short in 10 years, but I'm loving it! and I feel SOO chic (even without make-up as is the picture above) - Cut by Ting // Color by Alli (both at Cutler NYC)
  7. Quick trip to the flea (haven't been in two weeks)... picked up a little something for my friend in FL and my God Daughter Brooke AND enjoyed a Fresh Watermelon Icy
  8. Lunch from the flea was delicious... Chicken with a fresh thai sauce over rice and a side of soup
  9. Outside of my brief outing to the flea and a trip to the drug store for a few September Issues... I spent the majority of my Sunday in this position, with Frankie.  We are not ashamed, we so needed this day of rest!

Some of the above photos were on Instagram over the weekend.  To see them in realtime… follow me @sageandsparkle

Enough about me... how was your weekend, I would love to hear all about how you made it sparkle? Please share in the comment section below…

As for this week, no travel plans here... but I do have a few goals I need to accomplish!

  1. Clean the apartment
  2. Finish a few outstanding projects at work
  3. Start looking ahead for "Sage & Sparkle" and getting my thoughts on paper
  4. Figure out what I'm going to do for my loves birthday (it's coming up fast)

Happy Monday to all... let's get out there and make it a good one!