My (Labor Day) Weekend in an Instant


The unofficial last weekend of the summer is usually reserved for a extended weekend getaway, however, we choose to keep it local this year. With a trip to Cabo planned for the end of the month and a Paris getaway in November, we needed to watch our spending a bit. This weekend was my loves birthday weekend and we have an amazing time relaxing and spending it with each other. I'm on lucky girl!

My Weekend in an Instant // August 30th-September 2nd:

  1. Every Friday morning should included leisure time at Sweet Leaf... what a great way to kick off the 4 day weekend! Coffee for him, tea for me, and a strawberry pepper biscuit to share
  2. Spent some quality time basking in the sun with this guy... Frankie C
  3. My love...
  4. and I...
  5. enjoying a pre b-day dinner... getting our King Crab!  Highlighted by a couple preforming love songs LIVE!
  6. "They say it's his birthday..." and all he wanted was to have breakfast at the dinner... so we did!
  7. French toast, waffles, and bacon galore
  8. A fun afternoon at the flea, cooling down with a delicious Pop It Baby, popsicle... Hibiscias, Lime - AMAZ!
  9. My DIY Mani from Loreal for the weekend Slide1_2
  10. B-day dinner for my love at Gallow Green
  11. The food was delicious as was the Popsicle Punch Cocktail! (there seems to be a theme with me and popsicles lately, and I don't mind)
  12. Reserved for my love and I... how cute is this light? Totally going to DIY it ;)
  13. Quick stop at the underground bar
  14. Then it was off to "Sleep No More"... the more terrifying, yet thrilling experience I have ever had!
  15. Woke up sunday to breakfast already made
  16. Continued work on the blog... some exciting changes coming soon!
  17. My love requested my strawberry cupcakes, so I made him some... in cute birthday theme wrappers of course
  18. Spent some time with my loves family followed by a stroll on the waterfront... how cute is his nephew? #alreadyayankeesfan

Some of the above photos were on Instagram over the weekend.  To see them in realtime… follow me @sageandsparkle

So tell me, how you make your labor day weekend sparkle?  Please share in the comment section below…

Happy Tuesday by dears, and remember “sparkle always”…