Minty Sparkle Mani // DIY


I love a good manicure... but I hate the time that you spend in a nail salon, just sitting there, waiting and waiting.   The results are always top notch but sometimes I can't gather the patience to just sit there.  I would much rather do my nails myself, while catching up on my favorite show, (carefully) perusing pinterest, or chatting with my Mom. Hence why I love a good DIY mani...


Don't get me wrong, going to the nail salon always gives you the best results. The perfect file, awesome top coat...


Not to mention, the color choices are endless...


...however the nice thing about doing it yourself is (1) you know the colors are not watered down, (2) if you decide you don't like the finished product two days later you don't have to feel bad about wasting money and changing it up, and (3) the cost per manicure is about 1/10 of what you may pay at the salon.


This weeks manicure was inspired by the launch of "Sage & Sparkle"... is it perfect... no, but do I love it... Y-E-S!

Now while I do believe that going and getting a professional manicure every 4-6 weeks is a must (for me anyways), its nice to know that in between I can manage and change  it up (gilt free) as often as I change my outfits.