Middle of Nowhere - Bakersfield, CA // Outfit Post



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Suede open draped cardigan, cotton & silk tank, and suede shorts - Michael Kors; Necklace via the LIC Flea Market (previously seen here); Sunnies & Jewelry, Michael Kors; Nude Sandals, Zara 

The next stop on my road trip last weekend was Bakersfield, CA.  Not sure where that is... drive two hours north of LA via I-5, through the grapevine, locate tumbleweeds, and Bakersfield will appear.  My mom grew up in Bakersfield, in fact she was the towns FIRST woman police office! Crazy, right?!?  Crazy, but true... my mom is pretty bad ass. After meeting my dad my mom moved up north to the bay area - the marriage didn't work of but she got two great girls out of it, so who's complaining.  Growing up my sister and I used to spend the summers in Bakersfield with my Grandparents, creating memories.  It's crazy how sometimes it seems like that was just yesterday and then other times it seems so long ago.  Now I live across the country and don't get to see them nearly enough so since I was in LA for work, I had to make it a point to pay them a visit. Life is short, you gotta create the memories while you can and cherish every moment.

On top of getting to spend some quality time with grams, gramps and my mom, I was also able to do a little bonding with my sister.  She actually took these pics for me... pretty good, right?! Now if only my brother could have made it, the trip would have been complete.  But hey, I can't be too mad at him, he did just get back from Mexico, where he spent a week building houses for those less fortunate (so proud of the young man he is becoming).

Switching gears... lets talk about the fashion!  Bakersfield is not KNOW for its fashion... but I will say it has come a long way!  The summers in Bakersfield are great... hot, hot, hot (dry heat - my fav), with cooler mornings and nights, which this draped cardigan came in handy for.  Suede , cotton, and silk in neutral colors... with a touch of sparkle - chic, yet understated.  Perfect for brunch with the fam on a Sunday morning/afternoon.




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