Mexico, Here I come! // Live to Inspire

take time to live{Inspire Your Work by Departika on Etsy}

Happy Friday, my friends! It has been a wonderful world-wind of a week around here... if you follow me on facebook, twitter, or instagram, you know why! Between finishing up a script to recording voice over and filming for a training video (at my day job), things have also been pretty exciting in my blogging world as well.  Plus Sunday, my boyfriend and I are headed to Cobo for a mini vaca.  He was chosen at work to attend a conference for all the top sales people and well you know, I love any reason to jetset, so I'm tagging along.  The weather forecast for next week is 88-90 degrees with a 0-10% chance of rain!  Um... yes, please! So ready to take some time to live!

Here are a few things that have the butterflies in my stomach going crazy this week! 

  1. Finally booking my hotel in Salt Lake City for the ALT Blogger Summit in January
  2. Fashion Blogger Wine & Cheese party hosted by this lovely lady, Corporate Catwalk (and of course meeting the amazing blogger Hitha On the Go  who was so helpful to all of the rest of us still figuring things out)
  3. Being featured on the LuckyMagazine Home Page under "cute outfit of the day"
  4. Looking at hotels in Paris & London... we haven't finalized details yet, but I still can't believe the trip is finally happening!
  5. Getting an invitation to attend the Lucky Magazine FABB Fashion & Beauty Blogger Event in NYC next month (now the pressure is on... must start planning outfits now)
  6. Receiving an email for an exciting collaboration... details coming soon!
  7. Recording voice over for a training video at work... while the days are long, I absolutely love it.  It makes me feel like Giuliana Rancic doing voice over for E! and it has also planted the seed in my head of one day doing voice over for a Disney Princess (dream big, right)
  8. Hearing the news that my brother, James, has raised all the money he needed to head to Africa and help those in refugee camps next week (Seriously, when he talks about what he is doing his voice lights up like it never has before and I know this is what he is meant to do.  I get tears in my eyes just listening to him)
  9. Finding out last night that a huge blog Your Next Shoe featured me in "5 Fashion Bloggers Bring Us Autumn Vibes in Their Shoes"
  10. and last but not least my Blueprint Cleanse (today is day 4 of 5).  Whenever I do I juice cleanse the clarity and energy it gives you is like none other.  I'm a huge advocate. Planning to share my experience with you on the blog soon.


What happened this week for you that is keeping your inspired?  And how are you going to make sure you LIVE this weekend? Please share in the comment section below.