Live, Love, Explore...

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Gilligan's Island, Puerto Rico - January 2013

I can't believe its finally happening. I'm jumping head first, back into the blogosphere and couldn't be more thrilled.

In November 2008 I started "Fairytale Wishes & Dreams" a fashion/style blog focused around the things I love. Fast forward to 2013... I'm madly in love with my boyfriend, recently left Brooklyn (gasp!) moved to Long Island City, became addicted to yoga, and continue to move up the ranks at the most fabulous american fashion company (6 years strong). Over the years, I outgrew my previous blog and it became hard for me to be consistent with keeping it up. While I loved what "Fairytale Wishes & Dreams" represented, it was a bit too whimsical and I needed something that was a little more chic, a little more focused... introducing Sage & Sparkle, a lifestyle blog centered around style, food, travel, creativity, and wellness.

I started off 2013 in Puerto Rico with my love, hence the photo above, where "Live, love, explore" become a motto of sorts for us... I think its safe to say, we love to travel. But these three words represent so much more. For me, "Live, love, explore" is about living the best life you can, loving what you do, exploring all that the world has to offer, and finding the extraordinary in the every day ordinary. This is what I hope to accomplish with "Sage & Sparkle" through sharing all that inspires me.

So get ready to be inspired and check back often!