Jazz Age Lawn Party, Governors Island NYC


Floral Top and Striped Shorts, Zara; Sunnies, LIC Flea Market; Necklace (seen here); Sandals, Vintage; Handbag, Michael Kors; Parasol, Pearl River Mart 

Last weekend was the annual Jazz Age Lawn Festival on Governors Island (south of Manhattan).  One of my favorite parts of summer for the last couple of years in NYC, last year being the first one I was able to attend.  The sad thing about this year though, was that I was so unprepared.  Last year, I had the perfect look, from the hair, to the headband, to the jewels, sunglasses, dress, slip, etc. This year was a totally different story.  As you all know I had been traveling like crazy the past couple of weeks and as such I completely lost track of time... can you believe its almost September??  On my flight back from CA last Monday I kept thinking the event was in two Saturdays... preparing myself to spend the weekend looking for the perfect outfit, then it hit me - the event was in 4 days!!! ... Seems like enough time, but not when you have a week packed of catching up to do after being gone for so long.  What's a girl to do?  Friday night would have been the perfect time to shop, but I had an appointment to get my hair chopped off (said goodbye to 12") and I was not about to cancel it.

So I decided to take my Jazz Age Lawn Party look in a different direction and go a little less glam (sad I know) and tackle the 1920's with a bit of a modern approach.  The end result, I'm pretty happy with.  Not as costumey as most of those in attendance, but I loved my look, and that's all that mattered.  If I had the time I totally would of found a hat to complete the look... they had a ton there, but did I really want to spend the $65+ for one? Not so much. In the end it worked out. Is this what I would have choose to wear had I more time... probably not, but it worked.  We went, had a great time, and most importantly my god daughter had a blast!

jazz age lawn party, governors island, NYC, 20s fashion.jpg
Last year vs. this year

Last year vs. this year

I wish I had more photos to share with you from the event, but unfortunately my camera lost a vital part on the way there... that's a whole other story but I wont bore you with my rant. You can see a few on my instagram.   Check out this post as well from Fashionista.com for some great pics!

Lesson of the day... prepare ahead of time!  I can't wait till next year... going to plan my outfit now.