Holiday Wish List | Toddlers

  1. It seems as if these days the next step once you learn how to walk, is learning how to ride a scooter. The Micro Scooter Mini 2 Go Scooter is the perfect first scooter. Recommended for 18months+, who doesn't love a toy that grows with their child.  After trying out several other kids scooters at the park , this is at the top of Jayden's Christmas wishlist (with a helmet of course).
  2. Kids live in the age of technology these days and while I'm not comfortable giving my almost 15 month old an iPad just yet, he's pretty happy with the LeapFrog Chat and Count Smart Phone.  What I love about this phone, over other options, is that is actually talks to the child in a way that sounds real.  It rings, say's hello, will count, sing songs, etc.  Jayden has one and is obsessed!
  3. We highly recommend Fisher-Price Dance and Move BeatBo.  Jayden got the higher price-point BeatBark for his birthday and has been obsessed with it ever since.  Maybe it's because he loves music and dancing, but I have a feeling this toy would be a hit with most kids! Bonus: the songs are pretty cute too! My husband and I often find ourselves singing them when cooking dinner... lol
  4. Once Jayden learned how to wave, he started waving and saying "hi" to every helicopter or plane he seeings go by (which is actually a lot, since we live along the East River, right across from a landing pad. I don't think Jayden is alone either, as most of his friends seem to love flying objects, which is why I could see the  Green Toys Helicopter being a big hit!
  5. I don't know what it is, but so many toddlers love to "clean".  Seriously, the swifter may be Jayden's favorite "toy"... but since he wont play with it with the cloth attached, actually cleaning the apartment, I figured getting him his own set, in his size, would be a big hit.  I'm loving this modern wood version Melissa & Doug Dust, Sweep and Mop Play Set.
  6. Mega Bloks are the perfect size for little toddlers, that are still teething and putting everything in their mouth as they're big enough to not cause a chocking hazard!
  7. Oh, how I wish we had space in our 900 sq ft apartment for a play kitchen. Our old one bedroom, would've fit a kitchen perfectly... but alas it was a one bedroom, which would've brought on its own share a challenges with a little one. But, if you have the space, the  Kid Kraft Vintage Kitchen is the kitchen to get! The chic design is amazing, plus there is countless DIY hacks for this model, which are stunning.
  8. Another gift that Jayden received for his 1st birthday, was the 'Confetti' Grand Piano Play Set.  It's the perfect hight for little ones, comes in a fun gender neutral white with polka dot color way and will entertain your toddler long enough for you to enjoy a cup of coffee, hot–because we know those moments are few and far between.